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Developing SaMD Smartphone Apps: 3 Tools You Need to Use in 2023
Developing SaMD Smartphone Apps: 3 Tools You Need To Use in 2023
Building an app that’s part of a regulated medical device – or is itself a regulated medical device, in the case of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) – is more than a little complicated. The MedTech industry faces a number of challenges related to regulatory, quality and safety requirements, making our mobile app development process slower and more time consuming than your average eCommerce or social media app.

Over the past 10+ years of bringing countless mobile SaMD apps to market (beginning with the groundbreaking Roche Accu-Chek in 2012), MedTech innovators have adapted a suite of software development tools that are a must-have for any developer of mobile SaMD apps. These tools not only accelerate initial app development, but also make it significantly easier to deploy to patients at scale and improve the app faster.

Join Orthogonal on December 14th, 2022, from 12–12:50 PM EST as we review three classes of tools you need to use to succeed in the mobile SaMD app marketplace in 2023: Product Analytics, Crash Analytics and Mobile App Security. Together, they give early and detailed visibility into the operation of your medical device application, enable faster testing and deployment of app updates, and support ongoing monitoring of your apps after patients and providers use them.

Attendees will hear from experts in the mobile application development ecosystem as well as experienced medical device mobile app developers on the value these tools can bring, and how you can quickly onboard them and rapidly gain the value they have to offer. An additional 40 minutes of Q&A with our expert speakers will follow the 50-minute session.


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Jacob Radkiewicz
Senior Vice President of Engineering @ShipBob
Jacob is the Vice President of Engineering at ShipBob. He has over seven years of experience in software engineering and architecture management. Prior to joining ShipBob, Jacob was one of the three original engineering talents that helped build the big data/machine learning architecture for the Uptake platform. He was a key strategic player in prioritizing features, planning delivery, and choosing business direction while building Uptake to a $2 Billion dollar valuation.
Matt Finch
VP - Head of Global Sales Engineering @Mixpanel
Matt is Head of Global Sales Engineering at Mixpanel and thrives on solving customer problems with great technology. He is also an industry leader in Product Led Sales Engineering and shares his passion with the wider Pre Sales community as a speaker and contributor.
Anton Baranenko
Product Manager @Guardsquare
Anton Baranenko is a full-time Product Manager at Guardsquare, responsible for the iOS application protection solutions. He is passionate about technology and has more than 20 years of experience in secure software development. Prior to joining Guardsquare, Anton worked for 8 years in the medical field, building medical softwares that have successfully passed numerous FDA and CE mark audits.
Brett Stewart
Principal Solutions Architect @Orthogonal
Brett is a technology architect responsible for solutions engineering for a wide range of SaMD client projects and system architectures. He brings over 20 years of experience delivering enterprise and mobile software solutions in industries ranging from diabetes care to national intelligence, where he developed his knowledge on how to engineer systems to capture core competencies and allow for flexibility. Brett worked as the architectural and operational lead for a medication adherence app that reached the #1 ranking in the Health and Wellness category on the Apple App Store.
Bob Moll
Principal UX Architect @Orthogonal
Bob Moll directs user experience and human factors initiatives for Orthogonal’s SaMD projects. He oversees user definition, use environment analysis, user workflow modeling, and interface design and development for FDA in an agile environment. Over the past two decades, Bob has worked with a range of enterprises, from Fortune 500 companies to innovative startups, designing successful new products from scratch and reenergizing existing products with improved user experiences. Bob has served clients and a wide range of their users in the financial services, education, and medical design spaces.
Randy Horton
Chief Solutions Office @Orthogonal
Randy has spent over a decade working with healthcare and life sciences organizations to tackle the Quadruple Aim: 1) optimizing health system performance by improving the individual experience of care, 2) advancing the health of populations, 3) reducing the per capita cost of care, and 4) enhancing the work-life of those who deliver care. Randy brings strong experience, expertise, and creative business thinking to his leadership role – along with nearly three decades of experience with Internet-enabled digital transformation and a passion for being a connector of people and ideas. He helps organizations break through to their “what’s next” by building new capabilities and launching innovative, digitally enabled – and highly successful – products and services.